Academic English

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Thesis preparation

This is an opportunity for you to make contact with someone from a different country who has the same goal as you - practical communication in English. 

You may discuss any topic in the forums. Examples of topics include your family, hometown, friends, sports, food, music, movies, cartoons, traditions, and places to visit. You can attach photos or make links to YouTube videos, if you want. You can even make an MP3 recording and send it to your partner. There is a limit of 5MB for any file you attach to your post.

You must reply and write to your partner every week. 

Near the end of the exchange you wil create and send your partner a PowerPoint presentation about your country. The PowerPoint exchange is an important part of the exchange. Your presentation may be based on a cultural topic or you may give other information about your city or country. Make your presentation about 10-12 slides in length.